Roundtripping: Avid to DaVinci Resolve

Avid Media Composer – DaVinci Resolve : Double Round Trip​

So with mixed feeling, I have made the move from Final Cut 7 to Avid Media composer. All in all it takes some getting use to, but the power and flexibility in Media composer can not be denied. The only issue I found was doing the infamous round trip for color grading from DaVinci Resolve. After scouring the net for a workable solution, I found it seems to work for me where conforming in DaVinci Resolve, then import the off line to Avid Media composer, then back to resolve to complete full correction then back to Avid for final adjustments worked perfectly. No muss no fuss.
Heres a great link to the article and, yes there is even a video that shows you how…

Your welcome :-)

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